EL DuBois

EL DuBois is a best-selling & award-winning author.
She was born and raised in Texas where she still lives today surrounded by her amazing family, and menagerie of fur babies. Erica is an avid artist, music lover, and reader. She is a Southern Belle at heart with a passion for red-soled shoes, Chucks in a variety of styles, pink checkered Vans, a good romance novel, and LV bags. When Erica is not writing she can be found enjoying a beautiful life with her loved ones.

Erica's personal experiences with domestic violence have made her an advocate, and supporter of many causes facing victims of harassment or abuse. It is her greatest wish that no one ever has to suffer the traumas she endured and that justice is brought for all those who have. These experiences have made her appreciate life, laughter, and love. She is a believer in a positive attitude, positive actions, and paying it forward. Her motto is "do good things with no expectations, and life has a way of bringing goodness back to you".
National Domestic Violence Hotline in the US is 800 799-SAFE (7233)

Sins, sins, sins she says with a grin
Vanity, adultery, lust, and greed
Lies, beautiful lies are all she may need
A fast track to Hell on a path of her making
It will take every ounce of will to survive without breaking
Once upon a time...
There was a beautiful, naive young woman with fairy tale dreams...
Instead of happily ever after, Beauty became the obsession of a beast...
One who only found true pleasure in the vicious acts he committed.
Caught within his web of cruelty her merciless dance for survival begins.
Will Beauty be able to outmaneuver the Beast?
Or will he take the ultimate sadistic prize?

Words & Music…they need each other…
I am broken...  I am lost.....
The damage cannot be undone...
Tyler "Twitch" Matthews is “the words”, but when tragedy strikes, he loses “the music”
To the world he is just the sexy “blue-eyed” bad boy. Notorious for embracing all the perks of being a rock star…Money, women, drugs, partying, and fame… None of it will bring back his music…Twitch finds himself standing at a crossroads…and in dire need for a return to his roots.

Gia Gibson is a dark-haired beauty barely holding together the pieces of her ordinary life. After a devastating loss dramatically changes her future....she finds herself at a crossroads. Her every waking moment devoted to keeping the family business afloat.One upside to being so busy…no room for anything else…

Until “he” walks into her life and his words ignite her melody…
Love...guilt...grief...broken souls...passion…and a crossroads…

One good girl.
One bad boy.
One night that leads to a magnificently beautiful disaster.
Notorious party-boy Zak Crawford turns sweet straitlaced Delilah Flynn's world upside down.
In return, the bubbly redhead is about to teach the famous guitarist just how wicked a good girl scorned can be.

The first time I saw Saxton Crawford we were in high school. He was the football star and I was just another invisible teenage girl. Now, he is a famous quarterback and the bane of my existence. And by bane, I mean his presence has brought back 10 years of secrets. Ones I'd thought I'd dealt with.

The minute he walks back into my life I become that bumbling teenage girl all over again. I'm not having it! Even if the quarterback only has eyes for me. He's irresistible, too handsome for his own good, cocky, and carrying baggage no one wants.

Saxton Crawford has spent years trying to find his mystery girl. Turns out, I'm that girl. I guess I wasn't invisible after all. Bam! Happily ever after right? Nope, not for me. Not with his demons and mine. It's going to take every ounce of my will power to resist him.

So, what would it take to get him to leave me alone? Do I want that? Maybe I should be asking myself..."What would it take to win his heart?"

The devil went down to Texas. Big mistake!

Yesterday, James "Cowboy" Stone was Ransom's golden boy, a football god. Today, he's their savior, a warrior in a destiny he never expected. The devil got hold of Cowboy's small West Texas town, and all hell's broken loose. His friends have become enemies, and the love of his life...gone. Death surrounds him, but what must be will be. He's already lost everything, so now, he'll do anything necessary to stop the evil.

Cowboy has a job to do or the entire world will pay. He has one night to save humanity. One night to derail the devil's plans. In this battle of good vs. evil, will the hero prevail or will he pay the ultimate price while the world burns around him?

Whatever happens...in life or in death, there will be hell to pay.

James “Cowboy” Stone saved the world. He should be a hero, right?Nope... He isn’t that lucky.Labeled a mass murderer and forced to fly under the radar.Cowboy is thrust into the epicenter of all things strange and paranormal, where supernatural's are the normal, and he is one of them.Fate has reared its ugly head again and this small-town Texas boy is NOLA Bound.His back-up for this mission, one crazy Cajun, a few sketchy vampires, a disgruntled Voodoo Queen, and a strong shot of Tennessee Whiskey. Will the rag-tag group be enough to defeat this new kind of evil? Or will the “unholy plague” released onto Earth finally win? Either way, it’s going to be one Hell of an action-packed, hilarious ride...And a few choice four-letter words...

From best-selling authors, EL DuBois & T.J. DuBois comes the next chapter in their hit paranormal thriller series Ransom TX.
Three heroes destined to be legends.
Are they strong enough to beat their newest adversary?
Will they survive each other & save the world?
Nothing is certain for these three.
Secrets & lies will bring them to their knees and the Devil will be there to enjoy their fall.

Coming Winter 2022 Available for Pre-order through Amazon

From best-selling, award-winning author EL DuBois comes the first book in her hot new MC Series Infamous Saints. Holden "Savage" Hale spent his childhood protecting the broken girl next door. She was all of his first's. First best friend, first partner in crime, first kiss, first love. First & last heartbreak. The day she disappeared from his bed, and his life, he decided the only heart he would protect was his own. Now she is back with a vengeance, and in more danger than ever before. Sutton Pope spent a decade running from her past, but she couldn't run from her memories of the blonde-haired angel next door. He gave her the strength to escape a living Hell, and in return, she broke his heart. Sutton can't run forever, especially from the devil she knows or the angel she needs. Savage can't stop the sins of the past from colliding with his present. Not the wings on his cut or the brother's at his back will protect these two from the sinfully cruel lesson fate has in store. Hold on darlin's, because when it comes to love and war, these 'Saints" are real sinners.

A poetry accompaniment to "The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath". Step inside the minds of the real Beauty and Knight with these specially selected works. Each one taken from a small collection of poetry written during the process of writing “The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath”. B&K hope you enjoy the angst filled rhymes of a Mad Hatter pulling herself back from the brink of insanity and a dashing Knight barely holding it together.

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